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Summer Schools 2024

Unleash your child's creativity this summer with our engaging Summer Schools!

Dive into the world of theatre with our unique courses for various age groups, culminating in exhilarating live performances.

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Musical Theatre 
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Experience the thrill of musical theatre this summer with our two-week programme. Open to anyone 6-18, our course culminates in a spectacular production of "Oliver" at The Hope Street Theatre. Embrace this unique opportunity to hone your acting, singing, and dancing skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of musical storytelling. Enroll now and let your theatrical dreams take flight!

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Junior Acting
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Embark on an enchanting theatrical adventure with our Junior Acting Course featuring "Peter Pan." This program, designed for young stars aged 7-11, offers a thrilling dive into the world of acting and stage performance. Over the course of the week, participants will explore the magic of "Peter Pan," developing their acting chops through interactive workshops and creative play. Guided by experienced theatre professionals, each young actor will learn to bring characters to life, enhance their stage presence, and work collaboratively to create a captivating rendition of this timeless tale. The course culminates in an exciting performance at The Hope Street Theatre, where our budding actors will showcase their newfound skills. Enroll your child in this memorable journey and watch as they soar into the imaginative world of Neverland!

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Senior Acting
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Join our Senior Acting Course, a one-week intensive for 12-17 year-olds, exploring "National Theatre Connections" plays. Under expert guidance, sharpen your acting skills, from character development to stage presence. The course culminates in a live performance at The Hope Street Theatre, offering a unique chance to gain stage experience and showcase your talent. Enroll now and take your acting to the next level!

Our Holiday Schools

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